Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Strength Training: Beginner

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Many, many moons ago, I came across a Beginner's Strength Workout called the "Silver Lining" by Dave Draper. I never did the workout but saved it for "someday." Well, that day has finally come. I finally feel like I have the energy to tackle it.

Here's the work out with links to You Tube videos in case someone else out there needs to know how to do these exercises with proper form, too.

Drapers recomendations/what I did.

Warm up: 15 minutes (walk). I did a brisk 2 mile walk with a Lelsie Sansone video.

Crunches: 35-50/ I did 30

Leg raises: 12-15/ I did 4 sets of 3. (I couldn't figure out how to breathe!)

rest 60 seconds, repeat.

Crunches: 35-50/30
Leg raises: 12-15/15. Yay! I figured it out.

Push Ups: maximum/5? Horrible form.

Stand and rest 15 seconds.

Full or partial Lunges: 3 sets of the maximum number you can do. 60-90 minutes rest between each set.

I did 2 sets, 10 partial lunges.

Full lunges:

Is this it?

Pull Ups: maximum reps/15

Draper describes them,

Until constructed (sturdy, stabilized steel pipe or bar over beams in the garage or a simple commercial doorway chinning attachment), lay a bar across the backs of sturdy back-to-back kitchen chairs. Lie below the bar, reach up and grasp at a point some 6 inches wider than each shoulder. With a rigid body, pull yourself up to your chest and lower slowly for as many repetitions as possible. This all takes practice, a little improvising, some trial and error, mostly courage and will.

Deep Breathing Knee bends. Maximum reps/10 (some assisted. My knees are shot).

So, there we have it. Some muscle building, bone strengthening exercise! I love it.

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