Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 34

Nov 3, Day 34


In bed about 10:30pm. Slept well until I wakened to the sounds of my husband leaving for work at 5am, but got back to sleep quickly after a visit to the bathroom.  Slept in two hours—to 8:45. Argued with myself about getting up for twenty minutes, finally did at 9:05am.


10:00am Breakfast

2 egg frittata with onion, green pepper, zucchini and spinach.  Sweet potato and carrots. Fresh strawberries, coffee.

Fullness after eating:  7

2:00pm Lunch

Leftover hash from last night. 2 Tablespoons of sliced black olives. Ate it completely unconsciously in front of the computer. Totally forgot to take a picture!

Fullness after eating: 7

Snack: Raisins and a few cashews--probably too many.

6:45pm Supper

Salmon fillets, roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips, green beans, roasted beet and onion salad. The salmon and roots prepared with coconut oil.

Fullness after easting: 8.5

Activity Level:

Lots of housework including vacuuming. Back hurts. 


Great! Energy level is good. Looking forward to bed-time.
I am noticing I'm not salting my food as much as I used to. I also seem to have got out of the habit of putting ghee on everything, too.

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