Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nov 16, Day 47

Nov 16, Day 47


Late to bed, my nap yesterday afternoon threw things off. Read until 11:00pm. Up this morning at 7:00am.

Total: 8.0 h


9:00 Breakfast

½ can of sardines, Acorn squash and spinach.

I didn’t want to waste any food like I did yesterday, so I waited until I felt hungry. I didn’t have any physical sensations of hunger, I just started thinking about food until I couldn’t think about anything else (other than the fact that I’m cold, again.) I thought about having strawberries, but it seemed to me it would take too long to cut them up.  I also ate much more quickly, than I usually do.

Is it weird to have behavioural cues that I’m hungry—and not physical sensations?

Fullness after eating: 7

I also have a teeny bit of a runny nose. I’ve noticed that I get this sometimes after I eat,so I want to track it for a few days.

1:45 Lunch

½ pound hamburger with wilted spinach and leftover braised cabbage thrown in. Leftover roasted roots (parsnips, carrots, sweet potato, rutabaga). Once again, I shocked myself by eating a whole ½ pound of ground beef.  (I usually coulk just one pound for my family of four which includes my 15 year oldson. I don’t think I’ve been cooking enough meat for everyone!)

Fullness after eating: 8

7:00pm Supper

Completely delicious ground beef and sweet potato fried up together with onion, garlic and spices. (1) I served it over spinach. That means I ate spinach with every single meal today! I feel like a toddler on a food jag.

Fullness after eating: 8


This is funny. At 3:30, realising I only had an hour of sunlight left, I went out for a quick 15 minute walk. (Well, quick for me. Two people actually blew past me!) Once I got home, I was still feeling restless, so I did a 1 mile walking workout with “the walking lady.”  Then, my daughter asked me to walk her to her friend’s house as it was dark, so I did. Two blocks up and three blocks over and back again. Let me repeat that: Two blocks up and three blocks over and back again--with a sore back.
This is why I am doing this. I want to be able to walk my twelve year old daughter to her friend’s house on a winter’s evening in the dark. This is what it means to be healthy. This is what it means to be functional. I couldn’t do this two and half months ago. In fact, walking two blocks nearly crippled me.


Restless and anxious all day. Christmas is coming soon!  After being outdoors and having had dinner, I’m feeling mellow and pleasantly tired. Looking forward to bed.

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