Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I've had two reminders to set some goals for myself these past few days.

The first was on Robb Wolf's blog where in a post about losing weight, he talked about having a performance goal. The other was part of my daily message in the 21 Days of Meditation series by Depak Chopra. The centering message was

"Today, I embrace my potential to be, do, and have whatever I can dream."

We were encouraged to picture what it was we wanted in as much detail as we could muster.

I've really had to think about it.

As far as performance goes, I want consistent energy and stamina throughout my day. I don't want to be tired and grumpy after a day of friggin' housework, I want to feel deliciously tired after working my buns off. I want to feel strong and capable.

But I want to feel strong and capable not just physically, but emotionally, too. I want to face whatever comes my way with lightness and humour. That may seem trite, shallow or just lame--but not to someone who has ever had to wrestle with the black dog--or who lives with teenagers--am I right?

Would I like the Universe to bring me lots of money so we could live wherever we'd like in the world? Of course. Would I like the universe to bring me a few more friends? Yes.

But I'd also like the universe to give me something good so I can turn around and share it with everyone. And that has very little to do with the Universe, and everythingto do with me.

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