Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Days 54 to 57, Food Log

Nov 23, Day 54

(Husband on Day 5)

Photographic record only
Breakfast: 9:00am
Squash and a veggie laden frittatta.

Lunch: Cashews, mandarin orange, dried dates. (Went to a movie matinee with the husband)
(no photo)
Supper: 6:00pm
Roasted Chicken thigh, sauteed potabella mushrooms and zucchini, mashed cauliflower and butternut squash.


Nov 24 Day 55

(Husband on Day 6)

Took 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3 first thing in the morning. I also took some Omega3,  EPA:  800mg, DHA: 400mg

Photographic record only
Brunch: 11:44 am
"Deconstructed Pizza" from It Starts with Food By Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.
Supper: 6:00 pm
Pork w/squash, steamed spinach.

Nov 25, Day 56

(Hubby on Day 7—go Hubby!)


Too much! Lights out around 11:00pm. Up at 9:00am. I really did not want to get out of bed and face my messy house. Hips hurt.

Took 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3 and Omega3, EPA: 800mg, DHA: 400mg


Breakfast  ? probably 11:00am
Slice of butternut squash and ½ of 3 egg frittata made with peppers,  kielbasa, and mushrooms fried in olive oil.

Snack around 3:00pm
½ homemade sausage patty(1) made for hubby to take to work this week.

Supper 7:15pm
Broiled Basa fillets, squash, broccoli, roasted sweet potato fries.


1 mile Leslie Sansone video, energetic vacuuming.


Good. Looking forward to being alone again during the day when my husband goes back to work. I have a lot of Christmas related projects I need to get started on.



Nov 26, Day 57

Photographic record only
2,000 IU of Vitamin D3 and Omega3, and EPA:  800mg, DHA: 400mg
(Husband on Day 8)
Brunch: 11:00am
Blueberries in Cocout milk, (vile), 1/2 of 3 egg frittatta made with lots of veggies
Snack: 4:00pm
Cahews, raisins, mandarin orange.
Supper: 7:00pm
Beef Stew (1), spaghetti squash.
(I skipped the winter greens and didn't add the starch. I also seared the meat before adding it to the crock pot.)

Almost at that point where it will be Ok to get on the scale and take measurements and do pictures, etc. Looking forward to it.

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