Friday, November 23, 2012

Nov 22, Day 53

(Husband on Day 4)


Lights out last night at 9:45. Woke up once when my usband came to bed around 11:30. Up at 7:15. I felt really tired this morning.

Total Sleep:  9.5 h


Breakfast: 8:00am

Fish fillets poached in court bouillon (1). Squash w/ghee and roasted beet and onion salad.

Fullness after eating: 8

Lunch: 2:00pm

½ 3 egg frittata made with (complient) Kielbasa sausage, peppers, onion, zucchini and mushrooms.  Fork mashed boiled sweet potatoes w/ghee.

Supper: 6:00pm

Salmon (I misjudged how much would feed three people), mashed cauliflower and roasted sweet potatoes and rutabaga.
Fullness after eating: 8 (I went back for more roots.)


Errands and shopping.



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