Friday, November 30, 2012

Re-Introduction Plans


Sixty days of being on the Whole30!

I cannot say the first thirty days were wholly compliant (soy in your tea, anyone?) but these last 30 days certainly have been! I am so thrilled. I am excited that I did it!

The Whoo hoo!

The plan, now, is to reintroduce food to see how I react. And that is all.

Day 1: Dairy. I've decided on cottage cheese; full fat, sugar free yogurt; and cheddar cheese. (Also full fat.)

Days 2, and 3; Whole 30 compliant

Day 4: Gluten grains. Roger's Porridge Oats for breakfast, (Technically, oatmeal is supposed to be gluten free, but it is often cross contaminated with wheat during processing. As well, this oatmeal is mixed with wheat bran, oat bran, and flaxseed. I used to just love it.) Pancakes and sausage for lunch. Whole wheat pasta at supper.

Days 5, and 6; Whole 30 compliant
Day 7: Non gluten Grains. Rice and corn, and possibly buckwheat. I'll likely just have them as sides to my regular meals. 
Days 8, and 9; Whole 30 compliant
Day 10: Legumes. A few black beans in my morning omelette, some hummus and veggies for lunch, and maybe a bowl of lentil soup for supper.
Days 11 through to the 18th of December (when my husband comes off his whole30) I plan to be whole30 compliant.
I am very nervous about this.
Note there's no reintroduction of sugar here. Though, honestly, if all goes well, I just might take Day 11 and reintroduce some dark, dark chocolate (>70%).
Fingers crossed.


  1. Wow!!! 60 days of the Whole 30, I'm impressed. That's awesome!

  2. Thank you! Some folks do more than that. It was what I needed, though.