Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nov 2, Day 33


Late to bed. Lights out, maybe 10:30? Intermittent sleep (but not too bad). Woke up slightly sweaty at one point. Overslept the alarm (6:45) Woke up at 7:45-8:00 instead. Everyone overslept. Big rush to get the kids out the door.

Activity Level:

10:00 am. 2 mile “walk” with a Leslie Sansone video. Intense and challenging. Fabulous.


8:30 am Breakfast

Leftovers:  kippers, roasted cauliflower, acorn squash.  Teaspoon ghee. 1/8th cantaloupe. Black coffee. *I’m noticing my nose runs just a bit when I eat. What’s up with that?

Fullness after eating: 7

12:01 pm Lunch

Leftovers: root soup, and some of Melissa Joulwan’s  “You’re the Top” Tuna salad on spinach. A couple of tablespoons of black olives. 1 oz cashews and some raisins.

I had a dental appointment at 1pm and I wasn’t that hungry. I just wanted something to tide me over.  It worked well.

Fullness after eating: 7.5

6:00 pm Supper

Made a hash of lean ground beef, two enormous sweet potatoes (one white, one orange), ½ small zucchini, and an apple.  Steamed broccoli, water.

Fullness after eating: 8


Feeling great. Had lots and lots of energy today. In fact, I considered running for the bus, but not being used to thinking that way, didn’t. At another point today, I considered whether to wait ten minutes for the train, or walk. I probably could have walked it. In both cases, I wish I’d trusted my body a bit more. It was -4 Celcius and there’s a foot of slush out there. Next time!

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