Friday, November 16, 2012

Nov 15, Day 46

Nov 15, Day 46



Lights out last night at 10:30. I didn’t sleep that well. It was hard to wake up this morning. In fact, it will be hard to wake up from now until mid-January at least as the sun will be rising later and later. This morning it rose at 8:00am. I need to be up at 7:00am. I find it difficult to get out of bed when it’s dark.  Anyway, I was up by 7:15.

Total sleep: 8 ¾ h


8:15 Breakfast

Oddly enough, I just wasn’t interested this morning. I heated up some left over acorn squash and ate that with some ghee, but I only had a few bites of my two egg spinach frittata with green pepper, mushroom and onion fried in ghee. Black coffee.

Fullness after eating: 6

I’m not feeling all that full, really, but I am not interested in eating, not in the slightest. Odd. The only times prior to this that I was not interested in eating was when I was full.

1:15 Lunch

1/2lb ground beef fried up with red and green peppers, ½ can tomatoes, chili and cumin for spices, served over a bowl of spinach, topped with ½ avocado and sliced black olives. (The “chili” recipe in ISWF). I actually ate 1/2lb! (It was supposed to be for lunch today and tomorrow—oh well.) I ate today’s portion felt about 6.5-7 on the fullness scale, and then before I knew what was happening, I was eating tomorrows portion, cold, right out of the frying pan.
(Photo taken 1/2 way through eating my first allotted portion)

6:15 Supper

Chicken breast, roasted roots (parsnips, rutabaga, carrots, sweet potatoes), steamed green beans w/ghee, leftover roasted onion and beet salad.

Fullness: 8.5

Activity & Mood

My back was bothering me most of the day. Took the dog out around 10am for a frustrating walk (he stops and smells things about every ten steps!). Still it was sunny and I was craving the sunshine.

I took a nap around 2:30 this afternoon, I was just feeling awful, physically and there were too may stupid negative thoughts in my head. After my nap, my back felt 100% better which improved my mood considerably. I am feeling rather bored with my life, though.

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