Friday, November 9, 2012

Nov 8, Day 39


In bed at 9:30 with a book. Lights out at 10:30. (I need a more boring book!)  Up at 7:15 after hitting snooze 2x.   Woke up at least once during the night.

Total Sleep:  8 ¾ h


8:00 am Breakfast

Spaghetti squash, 2 egg frittata with onion, mushroom, red peppers (fried in olive oil), spinach, coffee.

Fullness after eating: 8

12:30 Lunch

¼ of the recipe for “You’re the Top” Tuna Salad (1) by Melissa Joulwen. Romaine lettuce, cucumber sticks and ½ an avocado.

Fullness after eating: 9

6:45 Supper

Roasted Chicken leg w/back attached (I put chopped garlic and onion under the skin, so good!) mashed cauliflower (2) roasted butternut squash, steamed spinach. There was coconut oil in everything! (And ghee on the squash--finally made some today).

Fullness after eating: 9


I was a slug for most of the day, but I did join my husband and the dog for a quick 20-25 minute walk outside before starting dinner. (It was minus 8 celcius out there!) I did my meditation, today, too.


Great. I had the “dropsies”, though. I just kept dropping things all day. 

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