Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nov 13, Day 44

Nov 13, Day 44


In bed at 10, lights out about 10:30pm. Slept too long. Up at 9:30am.

Total: 11 h


11:00am Brunch

½ can sardines, leftover cauliflower rice mixed w/ leftover roasted root vegetables, butternut squash w/ghee, strawberries.

Fullness after eating: 7.5

4:15ish Snack

Handful of cashews.

6:30 Supper

Roasted Lemon chicken, roasted carrots and parsnips, steamed spinach.

Fullness after eating: 8


I’m bummed about my back. I have to ask people to put my socks on for me, tie up my boots, bring up the laundry hampers from the basement, and pick up things off the floor. I was just feeling somewhat independent again, too.

After 44 days on this eating plan, I’m beginning to feel a bit bored. I’m also worried my husband is going to do the whole30 just to please me and not because it is something he wants to do for his own sake.  I don’t want him to blame me if it isn’t entirely pleasant.

I’m also a bit depressed because the state of my house is driving me crazy. I really want to give it a tidy and an energetic cleaning, but I’m scared of the pain of bending, even slightly. I’m also in need of “alone” time—my husband has had the last three days off.


Not long after writing the above, I decided I’d be extra careful and work out to a Leslie Sansone video. I am so glad I did. 2 “miles” of exercise (30 minutes of cardio) and I’m feeling a lot less blue. I’m also feeling a whole lot calmer about things.

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