Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Bad-A** Boots

Finally, my w*lmart days are over.

Last year, I bought a cheap, cheap pair from the cheap cheap place where you go to get something, because something must be done and anything will be better than nothing (I'm not a sherpa who can go barefoot in the snow!) and I came home in November with boots that fell apart in March. (Yes, for those in the know, that meant I spent all of April with my feet wet.)

I was glad they fell apart. I would hobble home from walks with hubby and the dog, complaining bitterly about how much my feet hurt.

Well, no more!

I now have these puppies from Mountain Equipment Coop.

The name on the box is "Keen Delta" but I've renamed them my bad-a** boots, as in "Puppy, leave go my bad-a** boots!"

I plan on enjoying my walks this winter. Who knows? Maybe we will get adventurous and even sally into the river valley.

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