Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 49: Grrrr

Nov 18, Day 49


Late to bed last night due to a small crises from the twelve year old’s point of view.  Light’s out at 11pm, up at 8:30am. I felt like I got the right amount of sleep.

Total Sleep:  9 ½ h


11:45 am Breakfast

One slice of whole 30 compliant bacon. (not shown) It was awful. ½ of a two egg frittata made with lots of onions, a mushroom and some sliced zucchini. ¼ of an acorn squash w/ghee.
3:15 Snack
 Small snack baggie of cashews and raisins. Fighting off cravings for french fries.

6:00pm Supper

Pork chop, butternut squash, steamed broccoli and carrots, Melissa Joulwen’s mashed cauliflower (1)


Lots of errands, today. I really wanted to do a work out, but I’m afraid of working out too much. (Though is a ½ hour walking workout every day “too much?” How can I tell?) I didn’t really have time anyway. I did accompany my husband on a walk with the dog after our late breakfast. No meditation. (I have a hard time getting access to the computer on weekends.)


I am in a terrible mood. I’m grouchy and talking much more loudly than I need to—and I’m irritated and angry. I have no patience, either. My husband is starting the whole 30 tomorrow and hasn’t read the book yet, (though he keeps saying he will) and I feel  like I will turn into his policewoman. I am currently his only source of knowledge about what he can and cannot have and I really didn’t want this! He eats toast with every meal! He is also on holidays this week (and we’ll be doing our Christmas shopping) and so I’ll be out of my regular routine all week—and shopping, which I hate, too. I feel like I am creating my own stress and anxiety here (and the grumpiness is just how it manifests)—but how do I not?

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