Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 37


In bed by 9:45, asleep by 10:30. Wakened at 5am for a few minutes.  Up at 6am.

Total: 7 ½ hours


7:30 Breakfast

Sardines, spaghetti squash, sautéed mushrooms and onions.

Fullness after eating: 7.5

*I seem to have resolved my issues of feeling “stuffed” and uncomfortably full after a meal.  The tightness across my stomach after I eat is gone too. It may just be that I’m eating less fat. And maybe that’s not good?

12:30 snack

After grocery shopping for an hour and a half, I had an apple in the car on the way home.

1:30 Lunch

Leftover roast chicken and vegetables (sweet potato, onion, carrots, parsnips) from last night’s supper. Spinach.

I can’t believe I was craving spinach. Really, I was.

Fullness after eating: 8

6:30 Supper

ISWF “chili” served over a bowl of spinach, olives and avocado as garnish. (Forgot to add the canned tomatoes, but the family loved it and asked for it to be made again.)
Fullness after eating: 8.5


I really wanted to get in a work out today but I just flat ran out of time. Busy, busy day. Still, I had lots of stamina for it which was good! Unfortunately, I didn’t have time for meditation, either.


Great! I was laughing and joking with the cashier at the check out till. (I never do that. I’m usually grumpy and tired after shopping that long!) Everything goes well until supper time and beyond when I get cranky and stressed.

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