Monday, August 12, 2013

August Menu Plan, Week 2

All of the meat for this week, except the salmon, will be from the freezer.

Wild Coho salmon steaks, fresh, $1.89/100 g.

Still, horribly expensive, but as Bittman says, it is Wild-Salmon Season.

Weekly Meal Plan (temperatures in parentheses):

Monday (26): Lemon and herb salmon, rice, corn on the cob
Tuesday (25): Brined, BBQ chicken, cucumber salad, broccoli
Wednesday (28): Crock pot garlic pulled pork, boiled potatoes, coleslaw
Thursday (29): Home made hamburgers, potato salad, spinach, tomato, black olive, and feta salad
Friday (26): Unstuffed cabbage, rice.
Saturday (22): Italian #3 (from Well-Fed, p. 37), oven-fried potatoes
Sunday (24): Moroccan grilled chicken, (Well-fed, p. 37) rice, fruit salad.

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