Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Menu Plan, week 1

I am planning my suppers a week at a time now.

I noticed a few months ago that if I bought meat when it came on sale, it was actually cheaper than buying it at full price on 10% Tuesday. As a result, I now have a freezer full of food--and we need to eat it up.

I could make up a menu plan for the month with what we have on hand, but I choose not too. I made up my menus weekly last month and I actually enjoyed it.

Advantage: I did not under buy--or over buy on produce. Because I do so much work up front planning the monthly menus when it came time to sit down on Sunday and figure out the produce we needed for what I had planned, I was slapdash and hurried about it. That led to forgetting items and sending my husband almost daily to the grocery store on his way home from work. Even though he is very good at sticking to the list and rarely goes off plan, it didn't seem the best approach, really. The less you go into the grocery store, the less you will spend. End of story.

So, now I check the weather (I don't want to use the oven on a hot day. 24 degrees is a hot day in these parts.) I look at the Safeway flyer, think about what we're doing, and then pick what to eat.

(All temperatures are in celcius)

Tuesday (21)
Ground pork with cabbage and apple on rice. (Well Fed)

Wednesday (18)
Homemade pizza with Bittman's simple pizza dough.

Thursday (20)
 Shepard's skillet with broccoli

Friday (23)
Magical Chicken legs, rice, cabbage and carrot salad

Saturday (24)
Crock pot Stroganoff, spinach salad.

Sunday (25) My daughter's 13th birthday!
Brined, BBQ chicken (Well Fed p. 69), Hash browns. Corn on the Cob. salads. Homemade chocolate cake with chocolate icing and ice cream.

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