Sunday, January 27, 2013

What I Wore: 3rd week of January

I have my doubts about this.

Many doubts.

I should wait until I know what I'm doing with my clothes before I show anyone.

I should wait until I have better clothes.

I should wait until I'm slimmer.

This is really putting it out there for me!

Still, we all start somewhere, right?


I just got the necklace ($2.81! extreme clearance!) and the rose coloured top so I was anxious to wear them and see how they looked on me. And wow--look at that muffin top. I've never had one before.


It was very cold, so I layered up. These are my new tapered black knit pants.


My new pants, again. I really like this combination though I did feel a tad over dressed while I was swishing the toilet.


This is a new top. I didn't like the bottom band of white on this when I bought it. I still don't. Had I known what I know now when I bought it a couple of weeks ago, I would have left it at the store. Still, I do like its preppiness.


This was my first attempt at layering. This does not work for me, at all. I'd rather a white blouse than the denim. The collar wouldn't stay down either, and I didn't like all the bumps and lines under the sweater. Fail.

Oops. It seems I forgot to take a picture of what I wore on Thursday.


This is new top--with my new pants. I love this outfit! I wore it out for lunch with my daughter and her friend, then, on the spur of the moment, Hubs and I went out to dinner! I felt great dressed like this. (Hard to see, but I am wearing dangly pewter earrings with this.)

And so there we have it. My first week trying to look good out of my closet.

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