Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Month of Suppers: January

Every month, our local grocery stores feature 15% 10% off the total grocery bill the first Tuesday of the month. (This month, because That Tuesday fell on the first, Safeway decided to move up Ten Percent Tuesday to the eighth. The rest of the city's grocery stores aren't doing it at all, apparently.)

I plan our suppers for the entire month so I can stock up on meat and pantry items. Vegetables are picked up weekly. No one in the family is doing a whole30 (as far as I know) this month, and I'm still making up my mind about optional "paleo" items like yogurt, so this menu is kind of a hybrid. I can tell you this much, though, there are no grains, pasta, legumes or soy in any of the recipes.

According to this week's flyer, the following are on sale:

Chicken Breasts (2.99/lb)
Chicken Drumsticks (2.89/lb)
Chicken Thighs (2.99/lb)
Basa Fish fillets (Buy 1 get 1 free. No price given)
Pork shoulder blade steak (2.79/lb)
Ready to eat Prawns (400g for 6.99)

Lean ground beef was on sale last week, so I picked up quite a lot.

I like to use this shopping list at the bottom of this post from whole9life.com to help me figure out what veggies to buy. You know, something to help jolt me out of the carrots-broccoli-cauliflower-sweet potato-squash-zucchini-parsnips-rutabaga rut I tend to fall into.

(Links below calendar. Click to enlarge.)
yellow: chicken
grey: pork
light blue: basa fillets
dark blue: shrimp or salmon
pink: ground beef

I hope you will find these links open up a whole new world of food for you

January 8: Artichoke Chicken Carbonara from PaleOMG
January 9: Five Spice Slow Cooker Pork Ribs (from Melissa Joulwen) roast sweet potato, broccoli
January 10: Turkish Chicken Thighs (from Janet is Hungry) mashed sweet potato, broccoli
January 11: Citrus Fish, asparagus, roasted yams*
January 12: Roasted Chicken with roasted parsnips, sweet potato, carrots and rutabaga
January 13: Shrimp Stir-fry w/ frozen veggie mix
January 14: Ground Beef and Sweet Potato Hash, steamed green beans
January 15: Chicken, Bacon, and Sweet Potato Hash from Paleoperiodical, broccoli
January 16: Pork Carnitas, (from Melissa Joulwen) momma's slaw*
January 17: Honey-Mustard-Mayo glazed Chicken Thighs, roasted zucchini, mashed sweet potato
January 18: Lemon-Pepper Fish with creamed spinach* and sweet potato fries
January 19: Roasted Chicken and root vegetables
January 20: Herb Roasted Salmon, roasted carrots and broccoli
January 21: Chocolate Chili (from Melissa Joulwen), spaghetti squash
January 22: Honey-Mustard- Mayo Chicken, momma's slaw* roasted sweet potato
January 23: Amethyst's Paleo Meatloaf, roasted parsnips and carrots, broccoli
January 24: One Pot Chicken Drumsticks from Nom Nom Paleo
January 25: Lemon-Pepper Fish, acorn squash and mashed cauliflower
January 26: Roasted Chicken and root veggies
January 27: Shrimp Stir fry w/ Portobella mushrooms and bok choy
January 28: Sloppy Bobs, (from allmeatnopotatoes), roasted rutabaga
January 29: Chicken w/Apple Cider Sauce, mashed cauliflower, carrots.
January 30: Paleo Shepard's Pie, green beans.
January 31: Garlic Stuffed Chicken Thighs, roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli
February 1: Lemon-Pepper Fish, roasted carrots and parsnips, sauteed greens.
February 2: Roast Chicken and root veggies
February 3: Salmon Cakes (ISWF) mashed cauliflower, carrots
February 4: Cottage Flower Pie and broccoli from Melissa Joulwen

In addition, there are my husband's lunches to consider.

Week 1: Chocolate Chili (see above for link)
(One week vacation)
Week 2: Beef Stew
Week 3: Winter Sausage Soup and Meat and Spinach muffins.

*Recipes from my brand new cookbook: Paleo Comfort Foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield.
ISWF: It Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

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