Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Wardrobe Pieces

There are at least a couple of  clothing "challenges" floating out there. One is simply called 30x30. I'm not quite sure what this one is about: Is it to wear 30 different outfits in 30 days? Or create outfits from just 30 pieces for 30 days?

Much easier to figure out is the 333 challenge. You are challenged to pare down your wardrobe to 33 pieces and wear them for 3 months. (This doesn't include underwear, lounge wear, PJ's, and workout wear.) Some have interpreted it to mean 30 pieces and 3 "capsules" for handbags, shoes, and accessories. Some may or may not include a special occasion outfit, or a winter coat, hats and gloves in the 30 pieces. The basics for this idea are here.

I would have to work my way UP to owning 30 pieces!

I went through my closet last week and purged a bunch of stuff I had no intention of ever wearing. I finally put away my summer tops. Here is what I have for the rest of the winter--which lasts until late March round here.


These three are round neck cotton tops. All three have 3/4 length sleeves which I prefer.

These two are the only v neck tops I own. The teal is cotton, the rose one is a fine gauge cotton knit. Both are 3/4 sleeves. The rose coloured one has ruching on the sleeves.

My turtleneck sweaters. The red and grape coloured ones (1st and 3rd) are a substantial cotton weight, the grey one is a finer cotton with a high-low hem, and the last, purple, is a fine gauge knit mock-turtle with 3/4 length sleeves.

I hardly ever wear these collarless button down shirts, in denim and black. I'm not entirely sure why. I know I'd rather they had collars, for a start.

I hardly ever wear these two either:

Two button down, tunic length tops in a knit. The black one is a v-neck in case that's hard to see!

And that's it for my tops. I have 13 to choose from.

Now, for my bottoms.

I have three pairs of pants (and I purchased all three of these in the last three months. I used to own just one pair of jeans.)

The first is my current pair of jeans, a dark wash boot cut denim. In the middle are a pair of black knit, tapered leg pants. I just got these a couple of weeks ago and I love their 1960's ski pant vibe. The last is my pair of yoga pants. They are super comfy but much too long and starting to fall off of me.

I have no skirts.

I have no dresses. (Well, OK, I do, but I have no idea how they are fitting me these days. It is too cold for dresses right now--and I have no shoes for them anyway!)

For layering, I have cardigans. I do have a blazer, though. I tried it on over every outfit I wore this week and no matter what I have on, it looks awful on me. I will never, ever wear it. (Besides, what do I need a blazer for?)

The top two are long and hit my leg mid-thigh. The bottom two hit at the top of the thigh. The two on the right are navy blue with the one on the bottom having 3/4 length sleeves. I love that purple one in the top left hand corner, it's a great colour and isn't as plain as the others. Unfortunately, it's losing its shape and beginning to come unravelled at the sleeves.
That's a total of 20 pieces.
In addition to my work out shoes and winter boots, I have one pair of shoes, red loafers. I have one black hand bag. I'm still figuring out my jewellery, but other than earrings, I have two, maybe three necklaces I can wear. I have no scarves other than the one I wear in winter with my coat.
Colour analysis:
Navy, black, and grey.
Accent Colours:
Purple (I was surprised to see so much of it, frankly.)
There are just a few items I could use: a long sleeved small collared button down white/off white blouse in a crisp cotton (but not too crisp) and a structured jacket of some kind. The classic jean jacket is calling my name, for some reason. A structured tunic-length vest would be awesome, too.
It's pretty underwhelming, I admit. Nonetheless, this is the way things are for the foreseeable future.

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