Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In: Six Months.

HW: 252.6 (Sept 30, 2012)
CW: 206.0 (-3.2 change from last week)
GW: 140's
Height: 5'5
Age: 49
I had a bout of stomach flu (or something) on Monday, hence the significant weight loss this week.
I am finishing up my whole30 on Saturday, so I don't actually expect any more losses between this week and next.

I realised this month I have been "reducing" (as Betty Francis reminded us this week of that wonderful late 60's way of putting it!) for more than six months, now. I first posted my reasons to lose weight back in July of 2011, on this site. I thought of them as my goals. I have achieved most of them.

It may be time to set some new ones, as I still want to "reduce" even more. It's all about looking slim and svelte and strong, now. I'm aware that that is a somewhat arbitrary cultural ideal. Knowing that, however, doesn't diminish its attraction. As well, apart from the cultural indoctrination, there's just something about "no excess" which appeals to that part of me which values efficiency and simplicity. I remember how my body felt when I was slim, strong and svelte in my late twenties and early thirties. I want that back. (Or as close as I can get!)

It is difficult to continue to lose weight and talk about it and aplologise for it at the same time, so I won't be apologising or explaining any more. I want to be slimmer than I am. I'm going to carry on.

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