Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In: The Whew, I Did It! Edition

HW: 252.6 (Sept 30, 2012)
CW: 214.8 (-2.6 from last week)
GW: 140's
Height: 5'5"
Age: 49

I chose to view the time I was sick as a course correction. I have been very careful about what I've been eating. It's not just the avoidence of pain, though. No, when I eat low carb, I feel different. I actually feel lighter; buoyant, energetic, happy. Eating a piece of toast can ruin that feeling. So can too much sugar (which some days might be a large square of dark chocolate).

Nonetheless, I don't think I'll participate in something like this again. I'm starting to feel deprived. Now that I've reached my target weight, I just want to cut loose and eat some apple crisp, a pan or homemade brownies, and nothing but grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My focus has shifted from how I feel to what the numbers say--and that's not a healthy shift. So, I'll take the money...and run!

But not until weigh-in Friday morning. I'll have to sit tight until then (figuratively speaking, of course).

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