Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Month of Meals: February

It's that time of the month again!

No, no, not that time of the month! It's ten percent Tuesday. Or terrible Tuesday, depending on who's talking. Every month, our local grocery stores feature 10% off the total grocery bill the first Tuesday of the month.

I plan our suppers for the entire month so I can stock up on meat and pantry items. Vegetables are picked up weekly.

I will be doing my best to stick to eating between 50 and 100 grams of carbohydrates a day, so while not every single one of these recipes may be "paleo" (Chicken pot pie, I'm looking at you!) they will let me reach my goal.

I won't provide links to recipes which are not--or cannot be made to be whole30 compliant. Some recipes have no links because they actually come from cookbooks.

According to this week's flyer, the following cuts of meat are on sale:

Chicken Breasts 2.99/lb
Fresh Frying Chicken 2.99/lb
Basa Fillets 908g (2 lbs) for $7.77 (Whitefish)
Fresh Lean Ground Pork: 2.99/lb
Fresh Pork Side Spareribs 2.49/lb

Once again, lean ground beef was on sale last week for 2.99/lb. I picked up as much as they would let me which wasn't nearly as much as I wanted.

(Links below calendar. Click calender to enlarge. Sorry about the quality. We run everything off on paper already used at my husband's work.)

chicken: yellow
pork: grey
fish: basa fillets, shrimp or salmon: light blue
ground beef: pink

February 5: Ground Beef and Sweet Potato Hash, salad.
February 6: Five Spice Slow Cooker Pork Ribs (from Melissa Joulwen) roast sweet potato, broccoli
February 7: Chicken, Bacon, and Sweet Potato Hash from Paleoperiodical, broccoli
February 8: Shrimp Stirfry, egg rolls.
February 9: Home made spaghetti sauce (with ground beef) over spaghetti squash
Febuary 10: Roasted Chicken with roasted parsnips, sweet potato, carrots and rutabaga
February 11: Chocolate Chili (from Melissa Joulwen), mashed cauliflower
February 12: Chicken Pot Pie
February 13: Pork Carnitas, (from Melissa Joulwen) mashed cauliflower, broccoli
February 14: Honey-Mustard- Mayo Chicken, momma's slaw* roasted sweet potato
February 15: Cod (or Whitefish) in Leek Sauce w/ Roasted Sweet Potatoes. From Fast Paleo. (new)
February 16:  Veggie Beef Stew adapted from Stuff I Make My Husband.
February 17: Roast Chicken with roasted root vegetables
February 18: Sloppy Bobs, (from allmeatnopotatoes), roasted spaghetti squash
February 19:  One Pot Chicken Drumsticks from Nom Nom Paleo
This was new last month and utterly awesome. It was an extraordinary amount of work: but I'm doing it again, it was that good!
February 20: Czech Meatballs** braised cabbage, peroghies (new)
February 21: Madagascar Chicken mashed cauliflower, broccoli
February 22: Herb Roasted Salmon, squash, green beans
February 23: Dino Beef Stew from Melissa Joulwen
February 24: Roast Chicken with roasted root vegetables
February 25: Cottage Flower Pie and broccoli from Melissa Joulwen
February 26: Captain Chicken,** mashed cauliflower, carrots (new)
February 27: Pork Chops Diane, Sweet Potatoes, broccoli
February 28: Artichoke Chicken Carbonara from PaleOMG
March 1: Shrimp, Tilapis (Whitefish) and Cabbage Curry from Paleomom, here. (new)
March 2: Paleo Shepard's Pie, green beans.
March 3: Roast Chicken, roasted root vegetables
March 4:  Chicken, Bacon, and Sweet Potato Hash from Paleoperiodical, broccoli

* recipe from  Paleo Comfort Foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield.
**recipe from Well Fed by Melissa Joulwen. I bought myself a copy for my birthday and it came super quick!

Hope that gives you a few ideas about what to cook!

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  1. food fabulous food for oodles of people who can peep at it in wonderment and then eat it at full tilt like their bellies are not vessels but balloons meant to be gas-tro-in-test-ick-ally filled.