Monday, December 10, 2012

One Approach: Low Carbing It.

Taking off the training wheels (learning to reintroduce foods back into the diet after a whole30) led to a huge stall in my weight loss. True, it was that time of the month, but when that was over, I expected the scale to drop: and it didn't.

So, per Barbara Berekley's recommendation, I decided that for a couple of days, I would eat less than 50g of carbohydrates. Last night, I realised that I had also cut back on my coconut oil consumption, so today, I decided to go back to using it. (I had fallen into my old habit of using olive oil.)

Fifty grams of carbohydrates is not a lot! I've never counted carbs before: now, I'm reading packages and looking up things on web sites and I'm shocked.

One cup (250ml) of this Ruby Red Grapefruit juice has as many carbohydrates as a 2" round, 5" long piece of sweet potato. That's incredible. Juice! I don't drink a lot of juice, fortunately. We opened this one which has been in the pantry for months because my daughter wanted it. I don't think I'll buy it again, even though I really enjoy it.

Another shocker: dried dates. I was told they were not a good idea while trying to lose weight. Looking at the package, I now know why: 5-6 of them contain 28g of carbs...almost all of it sugar.

So, it has been an interesting excercise. Yesterday, I ate a total of 50.5 grams. (Best guess, of course.) --I had a date before I looked at the package! Today, we'll see.

The whole30, by the way, does not micro manage food intake in this way. In fact, looking back on my logs, there were days I easily consumed more than 100g of carbs per day in squash alone.

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