Monday, December 28, 2015

Time to Begin, Again

Just read Younger Next Year for Women.

I was a tad dissappointed the science wasn't more, well, more scientific. Let's call it C6 (bad) and C10 (good). Call what?

However, the appendix in the back does have more resources, so I can pick those up later if I want to get into that part of it.

The message is simple though.

What will you choose today? Life and growth--or death and decay?

It boils down to this: 45 minutes of good, hard exercise 6 days a week, lift weights on two of those days.

Today I chose growth. It wasn't 45 minutes--it was only one mile. And it was a tad easier than I'd expected (but still, no walk in the park!)

These are the fugliest shoes, ever. But I don't care! 

I bought these gawd-awful shoes today, because they were the right price and I didn't want to feel guilty about spending too much--and I didn't want the price of the shoes to be my excuse not to work out. I have to much to lose to be looking for excuses. At least these aren't as obnoxious as the pink ones that were there.

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